The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Retaining Wall Blocks for Your St. Louis Project

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Retaining walls are a vital addition to many St. Louis properties, adding both beauty and functionality. But with a variety of retaining wall block options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here, St. Louis Sod Install breaks down the different types of blocks to empower you to make an informed decision.


Types of Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Pros: Durable, long-lasting, available in various colors and textures to complement any style.
Cons: Heavier than other options, requiring a strong foundation. May not be suitable for DIY projects due to weight.

Concrete Retaining Walls St. Louis

Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

Pros: Easy to install due to their interlocking design, allowing for DIY projects. Wide variety of styles and colors available.
Cons: May not be suitable for very tall walls due to their lighter weight compared to concrete blocks.

Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Blocks

Pros: Another type of interlocking block, offering versatility and ease of installation. Popular choice for residential retaining walls.
Cons: Similar weight limitations as interlocking blocks, making them less suitable for very tall walls.

Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks​ St. Louis

Gravity Retaining Wall Blocks

Pros: These large, heavy blocks rely on their weight to create stability, making them suitable for taller walls. Often more cost-effective than other options.
Cons: Require a wider base due to their weight, taking up more space. Limited design options compared to interlocking blocks.

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall Block

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting your retaining wall blocks:

Wall Height and Weight Capacity: Taller walls require heavier blocks like concrete or gravity blocks.
Desired Style: Consider the overall aesthetic of your property and choose blocks that complement it. Interlocking and SRW blocks offer more design flexibility.
Budget: Concrete blocks are generally more expensive than interlocking blocks.
DIY vs. Professional Installation: If you plan on tackling the project yourself, interlocking blocks are a good choice due to their ease of installation.

Partner with St. Louis Sod Install for Your Retaining Wall Needs

No matter which type of retaining wall block you choose, St. Louis Sod Install can be your partner in this project. We can provide you with free quotes from qualified retaining wall contractors in your area who can help you select the perfect blocks and ensure a professional installation.

Remember, choosing the right retaining wall block is crucial for both the aesthetics and functionality of your wall. By considering these factors and the expertise of St. Louis Sod Install, you can create a beautiful and long-lasting retaining wall for your St. Louis property.

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