Summer Sizzle, Sod Bliss: Keeping Your St. Louis Lawn Lush Through the Heat

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Congratulations on your beautiful new sod lawn in St. Louis! Now comes the challenge of keeping it vibrant and healthy through the hot, humid summers our region experiences. Here at St. Louis Sod Install, we’re here to guide you with expert summer lawn care tips to ensure your St. Louis sod thrives all season long.

Watering – The Key to Survival

St. Louis summers can be brutal on new sod. Watering is crucial to prevent dehydration and ensure proper root development. Here’s a watering guide specifically for St. Louis sod:


Water deeply and infrequently, aiming for 1-1.5 inches of water per week. Monitor the moisture level of the soil – stick your finger a few inches down. If it feels dry, it’s time to water.


Early morning watering is ideal, as it minimizes evaporation and prevents fungal disease. Avoid watering in the heat of the day.

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Mowing Matters

Mowing is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, but it’s crucial to mow correctly during the summer months:


Mow High

Raise your mower blade to 2.5-3 inches. This shades the soil and helps retain moisture.


Sharpen Up

A dull mower blade can tear and damage the delicate grass. Ensure your mower blade is sharp for a clean cut.

Leave Clippings

Don’t bag your grass clippings! They decompose and add nutrients back to the soil.

Beat the Heat with Mulch

Applying a thin layer of organic mulch around your new sod plants can be highly beneficial:


Moisture Retention

Mulch helps conserve moisture in the soil, reducing watering needs.

Temperature Regulation

It creates a barrier, keeping the soil cooler during the hot summer months.

Weed Suppression

Mulch helps suppress weed growth, saving you time and effort.

St. Louis Sod Install: Your Partner in Summer Lawn Care

Even with proper care, summer heat can take a toll on your lawn. Here at St. Louis Sod Install, we offer additional services to help your new sod thrive:

Summer Lawn Care Packages

We provide customized lawn care packages that include professional deep watering and monitoring throughout the summer.

Soil Moisture Testing

Our experts can test your soil’s moisture levels to ensure you’re watering correctly.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

We offer organic lawn fertilization services to keep your sod nourished during the hot summer months.
Remember, a little extra effort during the summer can make a big difference in the long-term health and beauty of your St. Louis sod lawn. By following these tips and partnering with St. Louis Sod Install’s expertise, you can ensure your lawn stays lush and green all summer long!

Contact St. Louis Sod Install today and let us help you keep your St. Louis sod looking its best throughout the summer!

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