St. Louis Sod Installation FAQs

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What are the benefits of installing sod?

Instant gratification: Provides a beautiful, lush lawn immediately.

Minimal erosion: Protects soil from erosion and prevents mud patches.

Low maintenance: Requires less maintenance than seeded lawns.

Enhanced curb appeal: Increases your property’s value and aesthetics.

Play-ready lawn: Provides a safe and comfortable space for children and pets.

Weed control: Reduces weed growth and simplifies lawn care.

Improved air quality: Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

Noise reduction: Acts as a sound barrier, reducing noise pollution.

What are the different types of sod available in St. Louis?

Fescue: Cool-season grass, shade tolerant, fine-bladed, requires less mowing.


Meyer Zoysia: Warm-season grass, drought tolerant, slow-growing, dense.


Bermuda: Warm-season grass, fast-growing, thrives in full sun, aggressive spreader.


Bluegrass/Fescue Mix: Blend of cool-season grasses, combines the best qualities of both.


How much does it cost to install sod in St. Louis?

The cost varies depending on the size of the lawn, the type of sod, and site preparation requirements.


Estimates range from $1,500 to $8,000 for lawns between 500 and 2,000 square feet.


Consider getting quotes from multiple companies for accurate pricing.



Can I install sod myself?


Yes, but it’s physically demanding and requires specific tools and knowledge.


Consider your fitness level, experience, and budget before deciding.


Hiring a professional ensures correct installation and minimizes risks.


When is the best time to install sod in St. Louis?

Cool-season grasses (Fescue, Bluegrass/Fescue Mix): Early spring (March-April) or fall (September-October).


Warm-season grasses (Bermuda, Meyer Zoysia): Late spring (May-June) or early summer (July-August).


How do I care for my newly installed sod?

Water deeply and frequently for the first few weeks.


Mow regularly, removing no more than 1/3 of the blade length.


Fertilize according to your chosen sod variety and local recommendations.


Control weeds promptly to prevent them from competing with your new lawn.


Avoid excessive foot traffic until the roots have established.


Additional Resources:


University of Missouri Extension:

National Sod Growers Association:

St. Louis County Master Gardeners:

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