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Sod Services in St. Louis For Your Needs

Commercial Sod St Louis

Commercial Sod Services St. Louis

First impressions matter. Our commercial sod services in St. Louis ensure your business stands out with a meticulously manicured landscape. Elevate your curb appeal and leave a lasting mark on clients and visitors.

Residential Sod Services St. Louis

Home is where the heart is, and it deserves a lawn to match. Our residential sod services in St. Louis turn lawns into lush oases, a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Say goodbye to mediocre lawns; embrace a haven.

Golf Course Turf St Louis

Golf Course Turf Services St. Louis

Every swing deserves the perfect turf. Our golf course turf services in St. Louis provide precision and perfection. Elevate the golfing experience, ensuring every game is played on a carpet of green excellence.

Sod Installation St Louis

Sod Installation Services St. Louis

Your dream lawn is just an installation away. Our sod installation services in St. Louis transform your outdoor space into a vibrant canvas of greenery. Say goodbye to waiting – say hello to your new lawn.

Sports Turf Sod St Louis

Sports Turf Services St. Louis

Victories begin with the right foundation. Our sports turf services in St. Louis provide the optimal playing surface, ensuring athletes can perform at their peak. Redefine the game, starting with the turf beneath your feet.

Sod Production St Louis

Quality Sod Production St. Louis

Green excellence starts at the source. Our quality sod production in St. Louis ensures that every piece of turf meets the highest standards. Cultivate a landscape that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality.

How We Work

Our Working Process

At St. Louis Sod Install, we believe in turning your lawn dreams into reality. Our meticulous step-by-step process ensures that every square foot of your outdoor space is crafted with precision and care. Let us guide you through the journey of creating a lush, vibrant, and picture-perfect lawn.

Remove Existing Lawn

Removing Existing Lawn or Turf with a Sod Cutter set at a depth deep enough to remove vegetation at the roots. Once Lawn is Removed, it will be loaded up and hauled owns dumped offsite.

Topsoil Application Process

Once the Lawn is Bare soil, Fresh Premium Topsoil will be applied and the area will be graded to ensure water drains properly.

Sod Installation

Sod will be Installed in a Horizontal and staggered manner to ensure the seams don’t match up.

Finishing Touches

Once the yard is completed, the area will be cleaned up and the yard will be overseeded with the same seed from the sod farm used to grow the sod. Overseeding will help promote a thick, lush, carpet like lawn.